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Special spring offer for May & June.


It’s back. The special spring offer hits our shop again. Planning in joining? Let us know.

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Day trips more regular, join us!


We are heading more and more often to the North, East, South and West for great 2-tank-daytrips with our divers.

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Special spring offer for March & April


We have something special for you. Book now for March & April 2018 and get discounts!

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Seasonal Yoga Yoga at Lumba Lumba


Great way to start the day with a morning Flow or Hatha practice. Morning Yoga classes 7- 8 AM.

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Freediving continues…


Next to the spectacular scuba diving, Lumba Lumba Diving Centre continues to offer seasonal FREEDIVING!

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Next to the spectacular scuba diving, Lumba Lumba Diving Centre offers seasonal FREEDIVING!
Introductions, PADI & AIDA Courses
Surprise yourself what depths you can reach on a single breath, just helped by the proper coaching!

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Freediving Introductions available in March-half April 2016


Learn to hold your breath and dive down deeper! Try out Freediving, just a half day session.

Visa-Free facilities for citizens of several countries


New for citizens from 30 more countries -next to the 15 already granted this- is the Visa-Free, a free/gratis entry in Indonesia, but only available at appointed arrival & exit points: airports Medan, Jakarta, Bali, Batam, Surabaya, valid for 30 days, non extendable.

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Next to the spectacular scuba diving,  Lumba Lumba Diving Centre is offering freediving introductions, and 1, 2, 3 AND 4* AIDA Courses

Surprise yourself what depths you can reach on a single breath, just helped by the proper coaching!

Please Email for Dates and Details.

Whaleshark sighting!


The morning of the 5th of December we spotted a Whale Shark on Batee Tokong!

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Lumba Lumba Celebrates 15th Birthday!


Today, July 15, is Lumba Lumba’s 15th birthday! 15 years ago it all started with a small shop on Gapang Beach (right where now DangDangNa is). We celebrated with a family dinner for all our staff & guests, cake included!

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Hyperbaric Chamber Opens in Sabang


A Hyperbaric (decompression) Chamber opened in Sabang (the ‘capital’ of Pulau Weh) this month.

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Dolphin in Distress on Gapang


We were called to the beach to find a dolphin in distress with a huge crowd of people around trying to see it. The poor animal kept trying to beach itself, so some people tried redirecting it in the water.

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Rare Megamouth Shark at the Sophie Rickmers


A 2 meter long Megamouth Shark came checking Aris and his buddy Suzanne out on 48m during their deep dive on the Sophie Rickmers wreck!!

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7 Weeks after the Tsunami: There are quite some projects going on


Seven weeks after the tsunami there are quite a few projects going on in the dive shop, on gapang beach and the surrounding villages.

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Tsunami damage on Pulau Weh


Firstly we want to let you know that ALL people in Iboih village, Iboih Beach and Gapang Beach survived the earthquake and tsunami.

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Tsunami is just pulling back


Measured from the beach the water rose about 6-7 meter high. It reached all the way up till the bathroom windows on the SECOND FLOOR.

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Megamouth Shark washed ashore on Gapang Beach

A species of the rare Megamouth Shark was washed ashore today on Gapang Beach!

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