Seahorse LumbaLumba HousereefOur House Reef consists of three parts. The shallow area, directly in front of the diveshop (to around 18m) consists of a sandy bottom with big coral formations, rubbly areas and shallow reefs. Look for schools of razorfish, blue-spotted ribbontail rays and blue spotted stingrays, ornate ghost pipefish, leaf scorpionfish, reeftop pipefish, at least 5 different kinds of moray eels and the cute longhorn cowfish. Focus on the small stuff and you’ll find dozens of shrimp, nudibranch, seahorses and crabs.

This is also our favourite site for nightdives! The moray eels are out and about, octopus and stingrays are hunting and you might even find our resident turtle sleeping under the corals!


Longhorn Cowfish

In the deeper area (24m) there is a rubbly reef perfect for macro lovers. Nudibranch, shrimp, colorful anemones and seahorses can be found there. But don’t be surprised if there’s suddenly a giant reef ray foraging in the sand, or an eagle- or devilray passing overhead!

On the east side of the beach you can snorkel out to Batee Dua (Two Rocks) and start the deep part of your dive at 30 m and head back to the shallower reef closer to the beach.

Look out for the reef sharks, the devil or eagle rays in the blue and the loads of blue-spotted ribbontail rays and blue spotted stingrays. Juvenile blacktip reefsharks like to swim around in the shallows and the resident turtles can often be found here. There is a huge ‘field’ of garden eels too!

Jetty Pillars House Reef  Peacock Mantis Shrimp

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