A lively underwater pinnacle and some shore dive locations on the west side of Pulau Weh. Less frequented dive sites due to the distance, but organized as a daytrip with 2 or 3 dives. Spend surface intervals snorkelling to the bat cave between the dramatic rocks or relax and lunch on the secret white sand beach.

On the pinnacle itself it can have strong currents but within big schools of Devilrays, Eaglerays, Barracudas and Jacks. The deep pinnacle starts at around 14m but is beautiful grown with corals and visited by all kind of reef fish.

On the long stretch of Pasir Puthis beaches you can find a beautiful and healthy coral garden and with a shallow dive until 12m it is the perfect spot as second dive. Usually really protected with massive soft and hard corals it covers a long stretches to just dip in and enjoy the marine life.