This island is located in the north-west of Pulau Weh. With a boatdrive of approximately 1 hour it is the most far away dive site and can be organised on special request only.

Usually we plan two dives at this remote site. The first dive will be around the current swept pinnacles that are located to the southwest of the island. These entire pinnacles make up for a very varied underwater topography with small walls completely covered in soft coral which turn into beautiful slopes full of gorgonias. This is the playground for a variety of reef fish including many different species of Angelfish together with trevallies, barracudas and the odd pelagic. If the current is not to strong and you look closely, you might even discover one of the many tiny nudibranchs hidden on the reef.

The second dive is usually done in the shallow area between the pinnacles and the island. Here in a depth of only 8 – 10 meters you can see the remains of a large steam ship. Huge parts of the engine room are still clearly distinguishable where as you need to have a closer look to see the remains of the hull, which are already embedded in the healthy hard coral reef. As you follow the reef slope to about 16 meters depth you might bump into a banded sea snake or one of the different species of morays which call the hard coral colonies their home. The end of the dive will be spend around a beautiful little pinnacle that is covered in anemones and hard coral and reaches until 5 meters underneath the surface. Perfect for an extended safety stop!