Moray EelOn ONE average dive, you can easily log a dozen of morays (of maybe even five or more different species), loads of lionfish, beautiful sea fans, hunting trevallies, neon rivers of fusiliers and a couple of stingrays and maybe an octopus or two. And depending on the location, time and current, it’s quite likely to add tuna, barracuda, sharks (white tip, black tip and occasionally a grey reef or thresher shark), Napoleon wrasse, bump head parrotfish, big groupers, giant reef ray or, quite frequently, manta or eagle rays to your list! Occasionally Mola Molas come up to get cleaned in the Canyon and in season the whale sharks feed during plankton blooms. The most colourful nudibranches, ghost pipe fishes, pegasus, tiny seahorses, crocodile fishes and squat lobsters can be spotted when going ‘macro’.

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

The dive trips

Next to the day dives, we can arrange DAWN, DUSK and/or NIGHT dives. We plan multilevel dive profiles to prolong bottom time safely up to a maximum of around an hour to 70 minutes. During specially arranged multiple-tank (exploratory) day trips to further dive sites we provide a packed lunch on the boat, another beach or lunch in a restaurant, depending on the destination. The main dive sites are in Pulau Weh’s Marine National Park and within close reach (with our boats 10 to 30 minutes max!), so usually each dive is a separate boat trip, spending surface inervals relaxed back on the beach, allowing for maximum flexibility in programming dives according to your wishes. In general we schedule 2, sometimes 3, separate boat trips per day, except on Friday morning. Following the local fisherman tradition, there is no diving possible from Thursday night 19.00 till Friday afternoon 14.00. So our first dive on Friday is just after 14.00 but then we still have a second dive later in the afternoon.

The diving conditions

We dive all year round. To get an impression of the diving, have a look at the dive sites descriptions. The landscapes on all sites are magnificent and different from each other. Average visibility is 20+ meter, with often enough peaks to well over 30m, especially deeper down. Water temperature is usually 28-29 degrees Celsius, with sometimes colder upwellings with extremely clear viz of over 40m from the dephts of the open ocean around Weh.

Gorgonian Fan

 The guides & instructors

The basis of our team of guides consists of local Indonesians, who speak English as well. They are all from the island, have learned diving here, know the divesites very well and love their ocean! Ton & Marjan got addicted to diving themselves in Holland more than 20 years ago. They were the first instructors here on Pulau Weh to start teaching at that time still with classroom sessions under the palm trees. 

The diving equipment

For rental equipment we only use the top-model Aqualung Regulators with Suunto consoles and Aqualung/Seaquest BCDs. We offer a wide range of masks, including masks with prescription lenses, full foot and open heel fins, shorties and long wetsuits. We have Suunto and Mares dive computers for customers available.

SAM_1651  SAM_1168  SAM_1159

We use 2 silent Bauer Verticus Compressors, which each can fill 4 tanks at a time and are equipped with fully automatic electronic Securus filter monitoring, so we have guaranteed clean air stations.

We have over 90 tanks. Most of the tanks are the “standard” alumninum 80 cu ft size, but we also have smaller sizes 50, 65 and bigger 100 cu ft sizes on request. Available with INT and DIN valves.

We have a small first aid kit and oxygen set on the boat, and a big oxygen set on our premises.


We can offer Nitrox dives on most of our divetrips. Our standard mixes are 30% (outer divesites) and 36% (house reef) so you’ll get most of your dive while still enjoying the beautiful depths of Pulau Weh. Not certified yet? Of course you can also get your nitrox certification with us. For more info on the courses, click here.

TEC courses and technical dives with gas switches on request!

The boats

We have 3 fiber speedboats with 2×100/115 PK outboard engines and roofs for shade and 2 specially built wooden boats, customized for diving with tank racks and seats, with either two 40 PK or even 3 outboard engines. We can comfortably take a maximum number of 10-12 divers per boat, not including staff. Emergency Oxygen, First Aid kit, telephones on board. All boats have ladders to exit the water. To avoid damage to the underwater environment, we don’t use any anchors.

  Fiber & wooden boat  SAM_1975  image (2)

Pulau Weh Promotion from Henrik Hedegaard on Vimeo.