Lumba Lumba Diving Centre

The Dive Shop

We are a professional dive operation in a great dive shop. Our shop is situated right on the beach of Gapang. After having rented a place for several years, we started building our own dream shop in 2002, based on the design of a friend architect sharing our passion for diving here. You are most welcome!


The ground level is dedicated to the diving “wet ware”. Next to our area for compressor, tanks, and rental equipment, there is plenty of space for storage of private equipment. Outside we have a spacious rinsing area with running water for all diving equipment including camera’s. For rinsing yourselves, we have 2 showers and 2 toilets/ mandi’s.

On the split level floor, you’ll find the sitting area, the book corner, the kitchen, two class rooms and the veranda overlooking all of Gapang beach.


We have an extensive collection of fish ‘n marine ID books, dive magazines and a library ‘n book exchange. There are internet, hammocks, music, drinks and coffee. And we offer safety deposit facilities.


For digital UW photographers: use our internet for uploading your digital photo’s to share it with your friends!

In the kitchen area you can refill your Aqua (mineral water) bottles and make a coffee or tea. We also offer cold softdrinks and beer.