Get PADI NITROX certified @ 120 Euro or with your Advanced Course @ 90 Euro only!

Dive Nitrox @ Lumba Lumba Diving Centre- Pulau Weh - Aceh - Indonesia

Dive Nitrox @ Lumba Lumba Diving Centre- Pulau Weh – Aceh – Indonesia

The Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) course trains you to dive with Enriched Air – air with extra added oxygen up to 40, which gives you more no-decompression dive time. This means maximizing your time underwater at the beautiful 25-35m depths of Pulau Weh. It also shortens your necessary surface intervals (more dives in a day!) and adds extra conservatism to your dives.

The complete PADI Enriched Air Specialty course consists of practical applications, theory and an open water training dive.

120 Euro 1 Training Dive
155 Euro 2 Training Dives

The course fee includes the online PADI Enriched Air Diver Manual, dive computer rental (if you don’t have your own nitrox compatible computer), instructor fees, certification costs and nitrox tanks for the training dives. Note: the manual in book-form has a 10 Euro surcharge.

Or do the Nitrox Training Dive during your Advanced Course. With some extra theory you can get certified as PADI Enriched Air Diver for an additional 90 Euro (certification and online manual included)


Next to the spectacular scuba diving, Lumba Lumba Diving Centre has been  offering seasonal FREEDIVING courses: 1*, 2*, 3* and 4* AIDA Courses

Surprise yourself what depths you can reach on a single breath, just helped by the proper coaching!

Please Email for dates and details.


Whaleshark sighting!

The morning of the 5th of December we spotted a Whale Shark on Batee Tokong! As far as we know, it has been the first Whale Shark seen around Pulau Weh since a while. Last one we saw was 4 years ago at the same place in the same period. Very exciting! All the divers were first-time spotters, including our guide Joel and our new star/spotter Taufiq!

Whale Shark at Batee Tokong

Here he is! Photo by Kevin Richter.

Lumba Lumba Celebrates 15th Birthday


Today, July 15, is Lumba Lumba’s 15th birthday!

15 years ago it all started with a small shop on Gapang Beach (right where now DangDangNa is). We celebrated with a family dinner for all our staff & guests, cake included!

This is the original email we sent from our bungalow’s balcony 15 years ago on 14 July 1998. 

Laptop on solar panel/battery/converter, find signal over 1st generation GSM phone, connect at 9,6 kbps and hit “send”:
Short press release:

The early days of Lumba Lumba Diving Centre!

The early days of Lumba Lumba Diving Centre!

Unbelievable Unindonesian timing:

Thursday: Compressor and tanks arrived
Refrigirator ordered
Saturday: Electricity connected for the first time to Iboih and Gapang
Ton and Marjan came back from Kuala Lumpur with a new visa stamp
Sunday: Compressor in its place
Renovation of boat ready
Monday: Connecting the high power electricity to the compressor and first testing
(not directly oke)
More papers ready from Jakarta arrived
Refrigerator arrived
Tuesday: Final contract for renting our bungalow for a year ready
so it’s a bit of a party mood now, but not too extreme because tomorrow:

Wednesday: Ton and Marjan and assistent Udi will make their first dive with all of their own stuff!





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