To get an impression, the 8 x 8 m cottages are forming double units of 8 m deep x 4 m wide under one roof, with an extra 2 x 4 m wide wooden floor veranda per unit in front facing the beach/sea.

Full glass sliding doors will open up to the veranda from a 2 x 4 wooden floor inside the rooms, giving a big 4 x 4 veranda impression. For the remaining 6 x 4 floor area (including bathroom) there will be tiles on the floor for coolness/cleanliness. The masonry of the middlewall continues beyond the ceiling, all the way up to the roof material to assure proper sound proofing between both units.


floorplan bungalow_sm


Good spring beds (Single (1 x 2 m) and Queen size (1.80 x 2 m)), western toilet, shower (prepared for warm water installation later on) and plenty of electricity sockets for all chargers and gadgets. Area for camera rinsing, a water cooker for tea/coffee, and a small fridge are also part of the plan for all units. We intend to start with fans first, and we plan to install AC in some of the units later on Рaccording to demand.

Veranda’s may be able to connect by opening a removable wooden partition to cater for families or groups of friends/dive club members, thus sharing one big veranda.

Style and looks will be of a similar mix of concrete/stone/tiles and wood as the dive shop with natural (wood, rotan) furnishing.